Our Students

choirOur students are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of school life. A strong Buddy Class program operates accross the school providing all students with an opportunity to connect with younger/older buddies to develop social skills and a sense of belonging to our community.

Student Voice is supported through regular class meetings and a strong Student Representative Council. Classes from year three to seven elect two representatives at the beginning of each year through a process developed by the Australian Electoral Commission. Younger students have input via the SRC reps from their buddy classes.

Our Senior students take on a myriad of leadership roles within the school including: Front Office monitors, Canteen helpers, Road Crossing monitors, Lost Property monitors, library helpers and various action teams. Groups of Year 6 and 7 students visit our local kindergartens each term.

planting treesStudents across the school are regenerating native flora in the local area, particularly in the development of the Gladys Reynell Reserve adjacent to the school.

Reynella Primary School has a long tradition of participation in after hours sport. Teams are entered in a variety of sports including Netball, Basketball, Australian Rules Football, Soccer and Cricket. Many of our older students participate in a range of SAPSASA sports including: Netball, Basketball, AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Volleyball, Cross Country, Athletics, Swimming, Softball, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Individuals and teams have experienced success and gone on to represent our district in state competitions.

Music and choir are also popular, well supported and are an important part of our school. A junior year 4/5, a year 4/5/6 boys and senior year 6/7 choir are trained once a week. An end of year musical family activity is well received by our community.

Concert The Performing Arts program is a popular and important part of our school. We have three choirs which each attend training once per week: The Rock Divas (Year 4/5 girls), the Skater Boys (Year 4/5 boys) and the Festival Choir (year 6/7 boys and girls). Our students perform in the annual South Australian Festival of Music, the Southern Festival of Music and regularly entertain members of the community by visiting homes for Senior Citizens, local kindergartens and pre-schools.

Many students in years 5-7 access Instrumental Music lessons provided by teachers from the DECD Music branch. There are 2 bands - Beginners and Continuers - to further develop skills taught in weekly lessons. Recorder lessons are provided by our Performing Arts teacher for students in year 4. A Music Night is held at the end of Term 3 to showcase the talents of our students in the Performing Arts. An end of year concert featuring all classes is always well received by our community.