Parent Information


Parents are encouraged to actively support the school. The school community appreciates the contributions that parents make towards creating an environment of opportunities for our students that otherwise would not exist.

Parents currently assist in the Learning Assistance Program, as sports coaches and managers, as canteen volunteers, in working bees, in the Resource Centre, by providing excursion supervision, classroom support, and school governance.


As a volunteer worker you have certain rights and legal responsibilities when working in our school. We ask that you give thoughtful consideration to the following:-


Responsible behaviour is promoted to support all students to show respect for themselves, others, the environment and property. It enhances their learning and that of others. You can assist us to promote responsible behaviour by modelling appropriate behaviour and by acknowledging it in children. As a volunteer you have the right to be treated with courtesy at all times.


DCSI Screening and Background Checks and RAN (Responding to Abuse and Neglect) Training are required by DECD for all volunteers.


While working in our school you may become aware of, or need to be given, information about certain children, i.e. student learning, health and family issues. Please respect the rights of these children and their families and keep this information strictly confidential.