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About Us

Principal: Michele Russell

Deputy Principal: Sarah Bradbury

Senior Leader - Innovative Pedagogies in STEM : Matt Simmons

Senior Leader - Student Wellbeing: Fiona Brown

Reynella Primary School is a state co-educational school located 22km south of the Adelaide CBD. Approximately 21% of our students are school cardholders and we currently have 543 students.

Our school operates in a happy, collaborative educational setting where our students play an active role in their own learning. We offer a rich and safe learning environment that supports all students to be successful in learning and life; powerful lifelong learners and active and informed citizens. We have an enduring focus on developing the essential skills of Literacy and Numeracy and support our students to be problem solvers who can think creatively and critically as well as resourceful users of learning technologies. We explicitly teach our students about thinking and learning through our Mindsets for Learning: Resilience, Reflection, Focus, Responsibility and Collaboration.Our whole school agreements of: Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, Safety, Personal Best and Appreciation and Acknowledgement underpin our positive approach to developing citizenship across our school community so all students can learn in a safe environment that is valued by all. We actively encourage responsible student behaviour that protects the rights of students, teachers and support staff.At Reynella Primary school, we believe it is crucial to provide opportunities for students to influence the learning in and beyond the classroom and create a culture where everyone inspires and encourages each other’s learning. We have four Student Action Teams: Environment, Communication, Citizenship and STEM, that meet regularly to contribute to many aspects of school life. An Executive Student Leadership Team, made up of senior student representatives from each action team, oversees all teams and reports to Governing Council and staff.Community and parent involvement is actively encouraged and together we aim to achieve the goal of enhancing students’ learning and development.